QASA & Block Contracting

The Bar and Solicitors are now united in a common cause. It is seldom the case that a Govt manages to unite a usually divided profession, especially when it is in the Govt’s political interests to keep the divisions in place, but this coalition has succeeded where others have failed.

Let us hope that we can lead OUR profession into safer waters and make the public realise that the proposed reforms are all about making a short-term cash saving whilst making a long-term .

SE Circuit Meeting re Govt Legal Aid Reforms

Sat 18 May, 11am, Temple, London. For all those barristers and solicitors who cannot get to the London venue, the Bar Mess Chairs have arranged local venues around the Circuit – this will appear on the SE website and email postings soon. The Cambridge venue will be at Fenners Chambers – many thanks to them for hosting this event.